Welcome to Stella Maris!

     Stella Maris RE is a Real Estate investment firm formed with the goal of creating real value at a time when many people were fearful of the economic outlook and wary of the investment landscape. We were founded on a value add philosophy that we hold true today. We seek to capture strong returns through our disciplined strategy, experience, and integrity. We are rigorous value investors who only pursue conservative transactions that make fundamental sense and offer a margin of safety for our investors.
     Pursuing the American dream is not something of the past, but can be seen today as young professionals actively seek to contribute to economic growth, revitalize communities, and provide real returns to investors. There is no financial trickery involved, our value add is substantial and reflected in our current projects and historical returns. We focus in the San Diego market due to our close connections and off market expertise; however, we have done deals in Florida and Arizona and always look for the next opportunity. Our company name embodies our mission as Stella Maris is a Latin for "Star of the Sea". In ancient times stars acted as a guide and a protector for courageous seafarers. Our goal is to navigate the stormy waters of our economy and business cycles to find and unlock value. I also encourage you to explore our affiliate property management company, smreproperties.com. This site is used by tenants to pay rent, enter service request, and market vacant properties.
     Thank you for taking the time to explore Stella Maris RE. We look forward to sharing our strategy and vision with you to build strong and meaningful relationships.